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On Becoming – Transitions to Adulthood

June 3, 2009

I love working with young adults, they have a whole future ahead of them, yet the navigation into adulthood has many obstacles. Many college graduates leave college without a clue as to what they are going to do – they may have some vague idea about their interests, are not really sure how to identify who they are and how that factors into choosing their what- next situation going forward. 

This transition into what next planning is fraught with uncertainty and fear which often shows up as a long list of reasons for not being able to do something – this becomes the automatic default behavior.

When I was a car-pooling suburban parent I learned to speak less and listen more. A car ride with silence is good, it avoids irrelevant conversations and provides the space for what the real concerns are. I am not there to solve their problems, I am there to listen and be a parent, I am not their friend, (or career coach), I am there to give advice when asked, an opinion when required and the most important, I am there to give unconditional love.

In my role as a career coach I am the person providing the resources, tools and space to discover and honor their newly emerging adult and career identity. 

Sometimes a parent needs to be a coach too.