Bosch Customer Service – A Good Story

I am happy to report I have experienced customer service satisfaction which is often too rare and I am confident that Bosch will have my purchasing loyalty going forward.

Chelsea, the customer service representative that took my call today, did and said all the appropriate things as she listened to my complaint regarding my dissatisfaction about a product that is only 3 years old.

The bottom line result is that I am very pleased with the outcome of my call. I felt listened to, acknowledged and taken care of.  How often does that happen?  So, Chelsea, my hat is off to you, and  I did speak to your manager complimenting you to her as well.  Thank you for making me feel as though my constructive criticism was valid and for your decision to speak with management delivering the win-win decision that served us both well.

So for all the market researchers, focus group designers, training and development professionals, put your time, energy, and money to selecting the best customer service people your money can buy.   Don’t skimp and short change this significantly important role as they do represent the face of your company, your products and most importantly your reputation with consumers.

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