RE: How to Switch Careers in a Recession

In the best of times, embarking on a career change requires a plan, the finances to support the plan and the emotional support of others that believe in you.

It is also important to know how you have handled change in the past. Your ability to identify times when you have successfully managed change will provide the clues to your future ability to manage a career change. Equally important, if not more, you will be to identify the obstacles you have overcome to reach a successful transition.

Identify your “go to people” to help you through the discouraging times and be sure to return the favor when needed.

Remember to thank everyone who has helped you achieve your goals.

Patience, keep your eye on your goal, adapt as needed, remember to laugh often, and define success in your own terms.

Gladys Kartin
Career Strategies and Coaching

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  1. DenDrepepaR Says:

    True words, some true words dude. Made my day!!

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